Language Translation Tools: Some Recommendations

It can be very difficult translating information and one has to be extremely careful to pick the right meaning to the words expressed. To get the best out of translation, it may even require advanced research methods to have an understanding of the various areas the transcription covers. That is why it is advisable to use translation tools. Technology has made things easy today and we no longer have to go through the tedious traditional translation process.


There are a lot of software and tools available that can help you translate data effectively. Here are some language tools that can use for your translations:


  1. Google Translate

This is a fast translation app developed by Google. It is also available on AndroId and Windows app store. Google translator has support for over 52 languages aside from English. It is very easy to use. All you need to do is insert the text you want to translate in the box and it gives you the meaning. Another great feature of this translation tool is that you can easily use your camera to capture a sign written in any of the recognized languages and it would quickly give an accurate interpretation. The Google translation tool also supports speech recognition and can translate words that are spoken.


  1. Linguee


Linguee offers a unique translation service that includes a dictionary. It also has a search engine that can give you results on different bilingual texts and in different languages. This app works alongside with Google images. Linguee collects data on the internet and gives a detailed information on the different meanings of a word and how it is been used on the internet.


  1. iTranslate


This translation service is available on web platforms and on mobile applications. It supports up to 92 languages and can be used without internet connection. iTranslate is available in a free version and a premium version. The app allows you to interpret words that are spoken in any of the recognized languages. It also has a translation feature that allows can read out text.


The pro version which is the premium version comes at a little cost and with some added features. You can easily translate words offline and it can also interpret real live voice conversations.


  1. The Free Dictionary


This is a website translation service that offers a full dictionary which includes an encyclopedia and it also has a thesaurus dictionary. At The Free Dictionary, you will have access to various dictionaries in law, medicine, finance, etc. It supports Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and French asides from English. The Free Dictionary is also available on iOS and Android phone.


  1. Microsoft Translator


Microsoft offers a very effective translation service that is available on iOS, AndroId and Windows devices. The translator supports over 60 languages and supports camera translations. The Microsoft translator also has additional features like voice recognition and translation of group chat messages. The app is free and it also has a read out loud feature. Another feature of this translator is that it allows two people to have a conversation in different languages when it is put on split-screen mode.